PHP Developer

Daily Requirements:

  • Contribute a minimum of 40 working hours per week
    • This excludes lunch / breaks
    • Standard hours: 9am-6pm, 1 hour lunch
    • Notify management via approved communication if arriving after 9:30 or leaving early
  • Be present for scheduled meetings to discuss company priorities
  • Interact with CIO & DPI


Develop new software

  • Write efficient, reusable code to accomplish tasks dictated by stakeholders and prioritized and approved by CIO
  • Utilize PSR-2 and our variant PSR-TU coding standards
  • “Write code you’d like to read”
  • Utilize Laravel, Lumen, Vue.js, PHP7 for any new projects as dictated by needs and team agreement
  • Follow test-driven-development best practices as defined within the team

Maintain & Improve existing software

  • Work in Trax & Laravel depending on scope
    • Port trax code to Laravel as directed
  • Always leave the code cleaner than you found it
  • Add programmatic testing wherever possible

Handle bugs and tickets

  • Critical tickets must be handled immediately
    • Critical tickets are either outages or tickets deemed “Critical” on a business level by upper management
  • Priority tickets are discussed and assigned by CIO as discussed between support and CIO on a per-issue severity level
  • Non priority tickets may be addressed to fill downtime or break focus as needed