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70% Keeps Popping Up!

Do you ever have a number or word that keeps popping up in your daily activity? For me, the last couple weeks that has been the number 70. It is blowing me away how often I am seeing this number so I felt compelled to talk to you about it. I am seeing it in […]

Digital Ad Spend Eclipses Traditional Ad Spend

Hey guys, I came across some information that I had to share. An awesome resource, eMarketer, recently released a great article stating that in 2019 they are expecting digital marketing ad spend to eclipse traditional marketing ad spend for the first time in history. What’s amazing is that digital ad spend is not going to […]

Brand Integrity and How to Maintain It

Brand integrity should be important to any major organization because it defines the company’s products, its image and its reputation. When you think of their products, services and mission, big iconic brands like Google, Harley Davidson and Coca-Cola, you think of these big companies and their logos come to mind. Just about everyone can tell […]

What is Share Shift?

Moving marketing dollars around continuously is vital for success. Since the attribution model for marketing has become the standard strategy, you may want to familiarize yourself with the term share shift.  Share Shift is the transfer of marketing dollars from traditional and digital methods to social media. Marketers are finally seeing the true benefits of […]

Is Vice Versa Content a thing? If it wasn’t, it may be Now!

Marketing in 2019 will certainly be a lot different than previous years. How consumers are trenching through the internet is constantly changing, however at the moment social media owns it!  Social media is a hungry beast that needs to be fed repeatedly and consistently as this is where everyone lives and is passionate about EVERYTHING. […]

Social Media Can Boost Your SEO So I just watched a video from my main man Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion. If you guys aren’t following him, make sure you do. Marcus was talking about SEO, and websites - stuff that we don’t necessarily do here at ThumbStopper®. But what really caught my...

Do Your Retailers Effectively Tell Your Story? So we just got back from the Great Outdoors - the annual retail summit for one of our awesome brand partners. And I had the opportunity for the duration of a few days to speak to hundreds and hundreds of local retailers, who are a part of a program that we’re providing from this brand through to...

Proven Social Media Marketing Solution Expands to All Industries

ThumbStopper® empowers brands to control their messaging, advertise and capture attention at a local level. Jan. 15, 2019 – TAMPA, Fla. ThumbStopper®, a multi-location digital marketing software for brands and manufacturers, is broadening to new industries in 2019. New to the market by only its name, ThumbStopper® has been helping major companies in the motors […]

Use Your Pocket Full of Influence So I read a really cool quote over the weekend in The Millionaire Next Door book. It said that, with the proliferation of smartphones, we carry the influence of others in our pockets, and in our pocketbooks. That’s a strong statement, isn’t it? I never really thought of it that way. We carry the influence of others through our smartphones....

YOU are a Brandgelist for your Company So here’s an important message that I tell every member of the ThumbStopper team here in Tampa. Everybody in our company is an evangelist for the company. A lot of people in the company - developers, marketers, accounting, executives, HR - they just don’t believe that they’re...

Must-Dos for Digital Marketers in 2019 Hey guys. So I’m coming to you this time from our car line for my youngest daughter Emory. Say hi, Emory! There she is. And, I was in the car line, stuck before they opened up, and what do I do? I jump on LinkedIn, right? And I start kind of bouncing...

Flood The Feed and Boost Brand Compliance in 2019 So I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s raining this morning as I come to you from Tampa, Florida. It made me think of what I wanted to chat about this time. As I watch these raindrops start to hit my windshield, and they start to kind of flood the windshield with water, it makes...

An Over $80 Billion Advertising Dollar Shift is Happening Now So a couple of years ago, the modern-day Nostradamus, Gary Vee, made a comment in a keynote he was giving, that there was an $80 billion shift that was beginning to take place in marketing and in advertising away from traditional means and into digital. Well, I stumbled across a phenomenal article...

With Video on Facebook, More is More

We’ve all heard the expression less is more, right? Well, with video on Facebook, more is more. What do I mean by that? Well, you know traditional advertising you would shoot a video, a single video, a commercial, if you will, long format, and you’d run the heck out of that one ad....

It’s a Noisy Market – Don’t Lose your Consumers’ Attention

So check this out. It is far too hard for you at a brand to get your consumers’ attention, right? Once you have it, don’t lose them. Don’t let them out of your fence posts once you’ve got them inside your pen. What I mean is, make sure that, as marketers, what you’re doing is providing them...

Don’t Wait Until the Holidays to Engage with your Consumers So we just got through Thanksgiving, and the funniest thing happened to me on my social feeds. I’ll bet it happened to you as well. I was getting Happy Thanksgiving messages from brands I haven’t heard of in years. Haven’t heard from them. They’re not targeting me, not talking to me, and yet they leveraged a holiday...


“The Ariens Company portfolio of brands include some of the oldest and most respected names in the outdoor power equipment industry. With a diversity of our brands and products it was mission critical that our social media automation was capable of distributing appropriate content to each (sometimes unique) independent dealer. The LotVantage solution, branded ARIENS […]


“We appreciate the easy to use dashboard for creating, approving, and distributing content to our dealer partners.”


“I’m always looking for ways to grow monthly sales.LotVantage provides the marketing tools and sales training we need to go-to-market and upsell existing customers. As I’m expanding my team this year, I want LotVantage at the forefront of my team. Dealers love leads and LotVantage sends them right to their Connect CRM.”

Boats Group

“We love working with the LotVantage team, they are always eager to help my Account Managers close a deal or jump on a call to support a client”

Dealer Specialties

“LotVantage continues to go above and beyond as a partner, helping to enhance our integration and round out our product suite. This year we launched a rebranding campaign and implemented a custom Single Sign-on via the LotVantage API for all of our users. Having access to LotVantage directly from our inventory platform will continue to […]


"As the leading wholesale distributor of swimming pool equipment and outdoor living products we needed a social media platform that could help us connect to our customers and our distribution sales centers social media pages and ultimately to consumers. LotVantage's flexibility allowed a seamless connection and constant flow of content, promotions and advertising to these social media pages. Our customers and sales centers often differ in types of inventory and promotions and LotVantage has been pivotal in supporting that demand."

Are Your Co-op Marketing Programs Working Today?

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are watching the football game with your family and the game goes to commercial.  What do you and the rest of the family do?  Most likely one of two things, flip to the other football game, or grab your cell phone and start scrolling on Facebook. Facebook did a study […]
  • Posted by Branden Elwell
  • On October 6, 2018
  • co-op marketing, Dealership Facebook, Facebook, Facebook Advertising, OEM, OEM Marketing
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To Post or Not to Post? The Best Times to Schedule Social Media in 2018

Social media may seem like a place to post freely about whatever’s on your mind, whenever the urge strikes. For businesses, however, that’s not the case. For every successful enterprise on social media, there is a strict, data-backed schedule determining what it posts and when. Luckily, researchers have done the work for you when it […]
  • Posted by Kelcey Morgan
  • On August 30, 2018
  • brand management, Facebook marketing, scheduling social media, social media for business, Social Media Marketing, social media platforms, social media posting
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How to Grow Your Social Reach with Co-op Advertising

Manufacturers and retailers have a special relationship. It is a symbiotic one in which both parties can benefit one another…with the right advertising techniques. Cooperative (co-op) advertising is one of the most affordable and effective ways for manufacturers and distributors to extend their grasp and reach their target markets. Manufacturers can help their retailers grow […]
  • Posted by Branden Elwell
  • On August 28, 2018
  • Advertising for OEM, brand management, Co-op, Co-op Advertising, Co-op Campaigns, Facebook marketing, OEM brand manager, OEM Marketing, social media for business, Social Media Marketing, social media platforms, social media posting
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How to Build a Thriving Social Community for Your Brand

Your brand needs to play an active role in the online social community to have any bearing in commerce today. Being social includes not only your social media efforts as a brand but the way your audience engages with your content. The goal of social media marketing is to spread brand awareness, and to present […]
  • Posted by Kelcey Morgan
  • On July 31, 2018
  • brand management, Brand Manager, co-op marketing, Facebook marketing, OEM brand manager, OEM Marketing, social media for business, Social Media Marketing, social media platforms
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Press Release: ThumbStopper Welcomes Branden Elwell to Grow Brand Manager

ThumbStopper powered by LotVantage is excited to announce a new addition to the company, Branden Elwell. Elwell will be charged with growing ThumbStopper’s OEM Brand Manager utilization, targeted at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The Brand Manager is a robust and unique tool that helps OEMs market their promotions & advertisements to consumers, through their dealers’ […]

Press Release: LotVantage Selected by Centurion & Supreme Boats as Social Media Partner

ThumbStopper powered by LotVantage, a digital marketing company for brands and retailers, has been selected as a strategic social media partner by Centurion & Supreme Boats. Dealerships who carry those product lines can now easily manage their social media presence Handsfree. Centurion & Supreme Boats will strategically manage brand awareness via the dealerships who carry […]

ThumbStopper Selected by Polaris as Strategic Social Media Partner

ThumbStopper powered by LotVantage, a SaaS (software as a service) digital marketing company for brands and retailers, has been selected as a strategic partner to help Polaris dealerships manage their social media presence. Polaris will strategically manage their brand awareness through the Brand Manager application by promoting top trending and engaging content to their Facebook […]
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